The trip to the lake is just under 4 mi (6.44 km). Go Hiking Trip Reports Colchuck Lake. This alpine lake is accompanied by the twin spires of Dragontail Peak and Colchuck Peak at the far end of the lake. The last mile to Colchuck is much steeper, with a lot of rock steps. Colchuck Lake Trail starts at Stuart Lake trailhead off of Forest Service Road 7601, which can be accessed from Icicle Creek Road. Colchuck lake. Elevation Gain ~2200 ft. With an elevation gain of over 2000 feet, the hike to Colchuck lake is challenging. Trip Report. Colchuck lake. Colchuck Lake is truly a gem of a day hike. Colchuck Lake used to be a hidden gem but is now quickly gaining in popularity. CHS Tacoma September Hike: Trip will initially open to Tacoma Branch Conditioning Hiking Students. Colchuck Lake is a beautiful, aquamarine lake. You will need to navigate over a large boulder field bearing to the right. Colchuck Lake Trail begins at Stuart Lake trailhead and parking lot by Forest Service Road 7601, which can be reached from Icicle Creek Road. There is a beautiful view of a waterfall along the climb. Lots of people coming up around 11-1 on our descent. Central Cascades. Long range weather outlook for Colchuck Lake, Chelan includes 14 day forecast summary: Over the next 14 days the Colchuck Lake, Chelan forecast suggests the average daytime maximum temperature will be around 2°C, with a high for the two weeks of 4°C expected on the afternoon of Thursday 17th. Starting at the Stuart Lake trailhead, we hiked in to our campsite at Colchuck Lake. Trail Conditions Trail in good condition. The roundtrip covers 7.7 mi (12.39 km) with an elevation of 2,300 ft (701.04 m). Lot was mostly empty at the start but full by the time we got down. If you are planning a trip to the Pacific Northwest, Colchuck Lake and Leavenworth is arguably one of the most beautiful and Best Kept Secrets in Washington! There are a few ups and downs here but for the most part, the trail is flat as you walk around the lake. My daughter and I felt that we needed to give… Distance: 1.25 miles Average Time: 45 minutes to one hour (this includes time for a quick break or snack) Elevation Gain: Minimal. Trip Day Hike - Colchuck Lake. ... Take the left trail (the right trail goes to Stuart Lake) and cross the creek. Around Colchuck Lake to the Start of the Aasgard Pass. Trip will open for registration to all Mountaineers, based on availability, 7-10 days prior to date of the hike. With farmers markets, breweries, mountains, lakes, waterfalls, gorgeous views, and a Bavarian-style village, it is definitely a must see! The first time you round the corner and come out of the trees at Colchuck Lake is something of a religious experience. 6-8 hours. Colchuck Lake. Cross the creek on a bridge and the next mile begins to ascend a little more steeply. The reward at the top is a picturesque lake with dazzling blue green water and views over Dragontail and Colchuck Peak mountains. Type of Hike Day hike. Rich11905 Hiked Oct 29, 2020. The jagged peaks and passes surrounding the lake have mystical names like Dragontail and Aasgard Pass. It’s a pristine alpine lake with soaring, jagged mountains above you, turquoise clear water below, and the added plus: water warm enough you can stomach swimming in. It is the bigger brother to the nearby Enchantment Lakes, much easier to reach (as a day hike, especially), and some have described it as a religious experience.The glacier-fed waters of Colchuck Lake are an ethereal aquamarine blue. Round trip time … The trail continues up with multiple switch backs. Time. Trip Report By. The first two miles are an easy hike through the forest next to Mountaineer Creek. The parking area can be busy, as visitors access the Enchantments and Stuart Lake from this trailhead. This lake is a real butt-kicker hike but an oh so worth-it destination.